Red Lion Pewsey

The Red Lion, East Chisenbury, PEWSEY SN9 6AQ, Wiltshire
Red Lion Pewsey

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Gastro Pubs, Glamorous Restaurants, Restaurants with Rooms, Romantic Restaurants, Quirky / Unusual Restaurants, Casual Restaurants, Michelin Starred
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Close to Country Walks, Wedding Venue
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Vegetarian Food
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The Red Lion & Troutbeck are held together by very close team of around 20 vibrant individuals, supported by an equally dedicated group of village locals who have been instrumental in achieving RL success. And then there's Stowford, our springer-spaniel. He 's either a nuisance or irresistibly charming - you can make up your own mind when you get here.

Anyway, all the while, we have been working towards creating something that's well, nothing - just ours. Not trying too hard to be different, just trying to do everything the best we can. If we can make it in house, we do - from the lime cordial to the ketchup. If we can produce it, we do - from our rescue hens' eggs, to pork from our West Berkshire piggies and our raised beds and greenhouse. We forage for stuff (don't worry, Guy tries it first and is still alive!). We seek out and form relationships with the best and most local businesses and suppliers. It would seem all of this hard work started paying off in 2013 when we were awarded a Michelin Star, which thankfully we have retained ever since. We were also awarded 3 Rosettes form the AA in 2014 and hope to hang on to those, too.

The other piece of the Red Lion jigsaw was the 2012 opening of our expansion project, Troutbeck: a nearby riverside bungalow we put all of our effort (and money) into renovating to produce 5 unique bedrooms - a retreat for our guests that echoes the same principals and attention to detail we implement at the pub in all of its fixtures, fittings, and quirky surprises.

But it's posh too, with 5 Stars and Gold Awards from both the AA and Visit England. That's like 10 stars. Plus that one from Michelin for the RL- so that's 11. We like stars.

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