15 Holywell Street, OXFORD OX1 3SA, Oxfordshire

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Open on Valentine's Day
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Edamame is an authentic Japanese eatery in Oxford.  We serve our own style of home cooked food, offering various Japanese dishes, and sushi, at low prices.

It is not a sushi bar or a formal Japanese restaurant.  It is a very casual and friendly setting that might not appeal to people in search of more formal dining ! However, everyone is most welcome, and we do our very best to make you feel comfortable through what might be for some a new kind of dining experience.

It is a tiny premises that can often get rather busy, and so tables are often shared between different groups of guests to minimise the wait at the door.

In Oxford there are several formulaic chains and Asian "fusion" food outlets.
At Edamame we fiercely maintain our policy of serving only authentic Japanese food, that we carefully prepare and then serve to you with much pride.

Our signature dish edamame "eh-dah-mah-meh" are juicy, baby soy beans. Pop them out of their salted pods to enjoy their succulent and addictive flavour.

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