Alford Arms

8-10, Frithsden, Frithsden HP1 3DD, Hertfordshire

Food is a big part of The Alford Restaurant – it’s where we started and where we’ll always be.

Classics and twists abound on the menu, bashed up with hints of far-flung places and the taste of Empire. Head chef Jamie blends a light touch and great skills with knockout flavours brilliantly assisted by super sous, Steve. From field to farm, hedgerow to forest, the sound of the sea and the thrill of the hunt, food is their passion.

Our kitchen delivers the kind of tucker you'd wish your mother had made. Old English faves rescued from their graves and brought to life with a twist or two. 'Modern', 'Contemporary', 'Eclectic' ... these are just terms. What our pubs bring to the table is fabulous food, constructed with care and packed with flavour.

We take care of the food miles, while you take care of the taste. Free range chickens from Potash Farm, Tring taste just like chickens used to; wonderfully fresh greens and leaves from Bucksum near Thame and glorious goats' cheese from Wobbly Bottom Farm near Hitchin pitches up in both savoury and sweet concoctions, while local venison is fresh as can be and from forest to plate in no time at all.

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