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Best Middle Easten Restaurants in Manchester

Vegetables, pulses and rice are the staple food of the Middle East and are usually served with meats and vegetables. The most popular Middle Eastern meats are lamb (often as kebabs) and chicken both of which are often served with wonderful salads. Hummus is also a favourite dish and is usually served with pitta bread. While Middle Eastern food is very popular in the UK, there are not that many Middle Eastern restaurants so finding them can be difficult - but not now that we have the Gourmet Guide search facility! Please use our search engine to find a Middle Eastern restaurant 'near me' or use our Advanced Search facility to find Middle Eastern restaurants in any other location in the UK.

JS is the oldest kosher restaurant in Manchester, our reputation for quality food and good service h....

  • European ,Middle Eastern
  • Prestwich
  • Lunch - Up to £20pp
  • Evening - Up to £30pp

Pasha Restaurant offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine, Entertaining is fundamental to the North Af....

  • Middle Eastern,Mediterranean
  • Lunch - Up to £20pp
  • Evening - Up to £30pp