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Discover the Best Latin American Restaurants in Manchester 

Latin American cuisine comprises a huge variety of tastes and styles of cooking. Historically, these culinary styles have evolved from the cuisines of all of the various cultures and nations within Latin America. These include the Portuguese speaking countries, the Mexican countries and the Spanish speaking countries. Needless to say, these cuisines vary dramatically so it is impossible to generalise about Latin American food other than to say that it is awesome! Some typical foods that are often included in Latin American cuisine include maize-based dishes such as: tortillas, tamales and tacos. One other common group of ingredients include the varieties of salsas and condiments; for example: guacamole, pico de gallo, chimichurri and chili. It is the mix of spices and ingredients in these salsas and condiments that give Latin American dishes their distinct and vibrant flavours but as each region of Latin America uses their own mix of these ingredients, the tastes and flavours vary considerably from region to region and cuisine to cuisine. All we can advise is that you give Latin American Food a try and attempt to experience all of the culinary styles and recipes!  Alternatively and if you don't want to travel too far please feel free to use our Restaurants Near Me feature.

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