The Gate Islington

370 St. John Street, Islington EC1V 4NN, Greater London
The Gate Islington

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Adrian and Michael Daniel have been running London’s most successful vegetarian restaurant since 1989.

"The food we serve is the food of our childhood, modulated by French and Italian influences. When we opened the Gate, we had had no formal training, we were just a couple of guys who knew what we liked to eat, but we knew that food was sacred and should be celebrated.

At the restaurant, we try to do just that: celebrate the food. This means, amongst other things, that we source our ingredients with care; we intensify flavour by careful cooking and by combining ingredients in unexpected ways. We try to make our dishes as visually pleasing as possible; and we try and do this in a fun and relaxed way. We started with passion and creativity and we maintain that passion and creativity today."

The Gate Islington, award-winning restaurant and younger sibling of our original project The Gate Hammersmith, was originally opened to keep us busy while we re-developed our original site in Hammersmith in time for its 25th birthday celebrations. It has become a popular and well-established institution in its own right and has gone from strength to strength.

The Gate Islington is the first restaurant in the UK to be awarded Autism Friendly Status by the National Autistic Society.

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