St John Maltby

1 Maltby Sreet, Bermondsey SE1 3PA, Greater London
St John Maltby

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After the success of our Druid Street bakery, it felt like a natural extension to open our St.JOHN Maltby: a proper, sit-in space where you can relax over a menu drawn from across the St. John repertoire, creating both a shop window for our wines to drink in and take away and a new restaurant site. During the day at weekends there will be staples such as our Welsh Rarebit and our renowned Old Spot bacon sandwich. A daily changing menu will be available during the week for evening service. To wash it down, Trevor has created a handsome wine list from our lovely collection of vignerons, with over 25 wines by the glass. Come for an after-work drink and a snack, settle in all night and really get to know that wine list, or come for doughnuts on Saturday morning and find yourself staying for dinner! 

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