Maze Grill Mayfair

84-86, Duke Street, Mayfair W1K 6JP, Greater London
Maze Grill Mayfair

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Celebrity Chef Restaurants
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Open on Christmas Day, Open on Mother's Day, Open on New Year's Eve, Private Dining Room, Open on Valentine's Day, Wedding Venue, Serves a Sunday Roast
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Child / Family Friendly, Dog Friendly Restaurants, Gluten Free Food, Halal Food, Vegans, Vegetarian Food, Wheelchair Accessible
Lunch Time Opening Hours :
Monday - Sunday 06.45-10.30 12.00-23.00
Evening Time Opening Hours :
Monday - Sunday 12.00-23.00

When you’re looking for some irresistible steak or sushi in London, then visit maze Grill Mayfair, the Gordon Ramsay restaurant in the heart of the city. As the original maze Grill, the Mayfair restaurant takes inspiration from the iconic Manhattan grill rooms to deliver rare breed steaks, fish and poultry. But that’s not all, maze Grill has developed a reputation for its legendary sushi and sashimi too, so pick your favourite from the menu, or indulge in a full platter. Whether you’re dining with your loved ones, friends, family, or business colleagues, maze Grill Mayfair is the perfect location for all-day dining, seven days a week.

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