Casita Andina

31 Great Windmill Street, Soho W1D 7LP, Greater London
Casita Andina

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Lively / Vibrant Restaurants, Romantic Restaurants, Celebrity Chef Restaurants, Casual Restaurants
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Open on Mother's Day, Open on New Year's Eve, Outdoor Dining Area, Open on Valentine's Day, Open For Brunch
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Gluten Free Food, Vegetarian Food
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Monday - Friday 11.00-00.00 Saturday - Sunday 10.00-00.00
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Monday - Friday 11.00-00.00 Saturday - Sunday 10.00-00.00
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Imagine a place where you can taste love in the food, real care in the way you are treated and feel thousands of years of tradition. Welcome to Casita Andina. We are a Peruvian “picanteria”. I grew up eating at picanterias. These are cosy family-run restaurants in the homes of Andinas – Andina is a woman or dish from the Andes. My grandmother was one of these amazing women. At Casita Andina we pay homage to them with dishes and drinks that are inspired by the cuisine of Cusco, in the Peruvian Andes. And we also celebrate the Andes’ stunning world of textiles, contemporary art, crafts and culture.

The little house housing Casita Andina has been the life and soul of Soho for over two hundred years. Previously named ‘The Little Cottage’ it served West End actors and thespians, shopkeepers, market traders, creatives, healthy characters and some not quite so. Casita Andina continues that tradition of being here to serve no matter what your background is. Convenient and quick, but also with a wow factor through flavours and exciting all your senses.


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