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Best Moroccan Restaurants in London Probably the two most famous Moroccan dishes are Couscous and Lamb Kebab but there is a wide variety of Moroccan foods that have become popular the world over. Moroccan cuisine is typically noted for its spicy aromatic flavours. Couscous is a national delicacy that is normally served with meat and vegetables. The most popular meat is beef but lamb and chicken are also firm favourites. Bread is also featured in many dishes and possibly because Morocco is bounded on two sides by the sea (the Atlantic and the Mediterranean) seafood is also extremely popular - especially pilchards. There are many Moroccan restaurants in the UK and it is quick and easy to find a 'Moroccan Restaurant Near Me' by using our clever Gourmet Guide search engine. If you are looking further afield, please use our 'Advanced Search' facility. Restaurants serving Moroccan food in London

Couscous, tagines and lamb dishes in colourful setting filled with furnishings from a Moroccan souk.....

  • African,Moroccan
  • Soho

Azou specialises in Moroccan, Algerian & Tunisian cuisine, which will appeal to all the senses. ....

  • African,Moroccan
  • Hammersmith
  • Evening - Up to £30pp