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Best Ameican Restaurants in London

American food and cuisine reflects the history of the United States with plenty of diverse cuisines from across the country. American food also includes lots of European influences, particularly German, and many from the rest of the world. Over the years, chefs have adapted their recipes to suit local tastes. As a result, many American dishes taste amazing and are often quite different to their European counterparts. They are certainly worth trying. American food is far more varied than the common image of dishes like hot dogs and hamburgers portray. Many traditional US dishes such as 'Clam Chowder' (a delicious thick clam soup that originated in New England and is often served in a sour dough ball) are very popular the world over. The country is also famous for its steaks and also it's range of quality fish (freshwater and sea fish) and wonderful sea food dishes. Traditional Cajun cooking from Louisiana is also popular and usually features a main dish, a tasty rice dish (often with sausages or shrimps) and a vegetable dish. Pork and shrimp are particularly popular in Cajun cuisine, as are celery, okra (gumbo), bell peppers, onions and rice. The style of US cuisine in recent years has tended to incorporate an increasing range of dishes that incorporate flavours and ingredients from around the world. The diversity of US tastes and styles of cooking are far too many to mention here. Fortunately, there are American restaurants in every area of the UK. If you get the chance, we strongly recommend you try them and experience their great cooking and variety of tastes and amazing dishes. An additional bonus is that they usually stock a great selection of exquisite wines. In particular, many from the US, including their awesome California wines. Just use our search facility to help you find an 'American Restaurant near me' or in any location in the country. Discover the Best American Restaurants in London with the Gourmet Guide.

Chiltern Firehouse celebrates contemporary, ingredient-focused cooking, with an underlying American ....

  • American
  • Marylebone

The Colony Grill Room takes its lead from the traditional Grill Rooms originally found in London and....

  • American
  • Mayfair
  • Lunch - £31-£40pp
  • Evening - £31-£50pp

Originally opened in 1991 in the heart of Covent Garden, Christopher’s has established itself ....

  • American
  • Covent Garden
  • Lunch - £21-£30pp

Serving up New American cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday, Avenue captures ....

  • American
  • St. James's

Electric Diner serves a French-American menu, including the shaved rib of beef sandwich, diner hot d....

  • American
  • Notting Hill

The Lockhart is a Southern US restaurant on Seymour Place, Marylebone. The interior design is fresh ....

  • American
  • Marylebone

An intimate, welcoming bar which opens out into a large and airy dining room; One Bourbon Tavern Wes....

  • American
  • West Hampstead

Marco’s New York Italian London Bloomsbury is now open at the Mercure Hotel. The restaurant b....

  • American
  • Bloomsbury
  • Lunch - Up to £20pp