Feathers Inn

High View, Hedley on the Hill, Hedley on the Hill NE43 7SW, Co Durham
Feathers Inn

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Gastro Pubs, Lively / Vibrant Restaurants, Romantic Restaurants, Casual Restaurants
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Roof Top / With A View, Close to Country Walks, Open on Mother's Day, Open on New Year's Eve, Outdoor Dining Area, Open on Valentine's Day, Serves a Sunday Roast
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Child / Family Friendly, Gluten Free Food, Vegans, Vegetarian Food
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We are a free house that cares about the welfare of livestock and the condition in which they are reared. By using local produce, we take into consideration animal welfare whilst also improving the flavour and taste of the food dramatically.

We invest in the region by using locally sourced suppliers. It is important to us where food comes from and that it is sustainable, with a reduction in “food miles”.



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