Hole in the Wall

2 High Street, Little Wilbraham CB21 5JY, Cambridgeshire
Hole in the Wall

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Gastro Pubs, Lively / Vibrant Restaurants, Romantic Restaurants, Casual Restaurants
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Roof Top / With A View, Close to Country Walks, Open on Mother's Day, Open on New Year's Eve, Outdoor Dining Area, Open on Valentine's Day, Wedding Venue, Serves a Sunday Roast
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Child / Family Friendly, Dog Friendly Restaurants, Gluten Free Food, Vegans, Vegetarian Food, Wheelchair Accessible
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The restaurant is named for the pub's original "hole in the wall", through which farm workers would grab their pints while making their way home from working the fields. Though the hole itself is long gone, we still provide post-work refreshment for discerning drinkers, regardless of whether they've been ploughing furrows or slaving over a hot spreadsheet.

The menu at The Hole in the Wall adjusts and evolves throughout the year to reflect the influence of the seasons on our cooking.

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