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Best Restaurants for Sunday Lunch in Berkshire

In order to qualify for this category on the Gourmet Guide, a restaurant must offer a Sunday Roast. The actual food choice can vary by the type of cuisine of the restaurant but the Sunday lunch-time menu must offer a range of typical Sunday lunch choices. What could be better after a relaxed Sunday morning than visiting a friendly and inviting restaurant for a traditional Sunday lunch? Perhaps the answer is a great traditional Sunday lunch at one of the best restaurants in the UK. This section of the Gourmet Guide website lists all the best restaurants in Berkshire that each serve a range of Sunday lunch menu choices. This list contains restaurants from a variety of food types so it may be that the menu may not include the classic British Sunday roast. What it does mean is that in addition to their regular menu, the restaurant also serves a range of typical Sunday lunch choices. As with all the restaurants on the Gourmet Guide website, the quality of these restaurants is in the top tier. If you would like to know more, then take a look at the Gourmet Guide 'Fork' rating for each restaurant before you select. The Gourmet Guide 'Fork' rating scores each restaurant on a scale from 1 to 5 'Fork's. A rating of 1 Fork is considered great quality - a minimum of 'Gastro Pub' rating. A rating of 5 Forks is equivalent to the ultimate quality restaurants in the UK (e.g. a top celebrity chef's restaurant). Please scan the list of restaurants and select the one that satisfies your needs for location, style and 'Fork' rating. You can then use the Gourmet Guide Price Rating to select the perfect restaurant that also meets your budget. Then take a look in detail at the restaurant and once you have made up your mind, you can even make a booking direct from our website.   Alternatively, you can also search for Restaurants the Serve a Sunday Roast Near Me and filter the results on the following page.

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