About the Gourmet Guide

The Gourmet Guide Fork Rating system is a clever algorithm that we have created to quickly and easily give an idea of the quality of food that is on offer at any given restaurant. Every restaurant within the Gourmet Guide website has been awarded a rating of at least 1 Fork and all restaurants that are included within the website should be considered to be within the top 10% of restaurants in the UK.

Full details of the Gourmet Guide Fork Rating system are described below:

1 Fork

Restaurants with 1 Fork are amongst the best 10% of restaurants in the UK. All 1 Fork restaurants will utilise fresh ingredients and the food will be presented in a stylish manner. Although service should always be good at a 1 Fork restaurant, bear in mind that in some establishments, particularly Gastro Pubs, food might need to be ordered from the bar.

2 Fork

Restaurants with 2 Forks have normally won one or more award. The award might be a food recognition award by the AA, Michelin or another national food guide or it could be a local award for outstanding food within their local area. Diners are normally very impressed with the food quality in a 2 Fork restaurant.

3 Fork

While a restaurant with 2 Forks offers a notable dining experience within its local area, a 3 Fork restaurant offers a standard of food that would be notable in any national comparison. The majority of the chefs working in these 3 Fork restaurants take great pride in the quality of the ingredients used and aspire to achieve great things within the hospitality industry.

4 Fork

When a restaurant is awarded with 4 Forks or more you start to reach the realms of outstanding levels of cooking and service. Less than 5% of restaurants in the UK receive 4 or more Forks.

5 Fork

These restaurants are amongst the very best in the world. Most of them will have been awarded at least one Michelin Star and all of them will offer food at a level that is truly outstanding. 5 Fork restaurants offer an entire Gastronomic experience with the very best in food and service. If dining in the evening, be prepared as these restaurants can be very expensive, however, look for lunch time special offers that can often give you the same great experience at a fraction of the cost.