About the Gourmet Guide

The Gourmet Guide launched in January 2016 to help people to find somewhere great to dine. By restricting restaurant listings on the website to those which are at worst very good and at best world class, the Gourmet Guide differentiates itself from other restaurant marketing platforms and is now proving to be an invaluable resource for over 200,000 people every month.
Advanced Search Technology
The search functionality of the Gourmet Guide website is second to none. On the one hand users can simply search by place or restaurant name, but the advanced search caters for very specific requirements.
For example if you are looking for a Michelin Starred, family friendly restaurant with outdoor dining and a lunch menu for less than £30 per person the Gourmet Guide will help you. Equally if you are looking for a Romantic London Restaurant with a View we can help with that as well.
Restaurant Gift Vouchers
In July 2017 the Gourmet Guide launched its own 'Restaurant Gift Vouchers' which clients can use towards their final bill at any of the thousands of restaurants that are listed within the guide.
As a result, the Gourmet Guide is now not only one of the biggest restaurant voucher providers in the UK, but has also grown into the largest restaurant booking concierge services placing over 20,000 diners at our partner restaurants.
New for 2019
There are some big developments planned to launch in the first quarter of 2019. A brand new super-fast website will be launched complete with a dedicated news channel bringing our users and subscribers up to date with the latest restaurant openings, special offers, insider gossip and much more. 


The Gourmet Guide for Restaurateurs


Online Visibility

8 in 10 restaurant bookings begin with an online search with TripAdvisor being the leading platform in the UK. However, more and more people who are looking for a quality dining experience are becoming disillusioned with 'unreliable' reviews.


The Gourmet Guide was created as an alternative platform dedicated to helping people to find the best restaurants in the UK. Launched in January 2016 the Gourmet Guide has quickly grown into one of the leading restaurant marketing channels in the UK and now has over 200,000 users each month.


Gourmet Guide Gift Vouchers

In July 2017 the Gourmet Guide launched its very own 'Universal Restaurant Gift Voucher' allowing its users to give the gift of a meal at the recipients' choice of restaurant. To date over £700,000 worth of vouchers have been sold and in 2019 the Gourmet Guide will spend over £1,000,000 in its partner restaurants.Restaurant Gift


Voucher redemptions involve the voucher holder choosing a restaurant from those listed within the Gourmet Guide website and making their booking request via the Gourmet Guide's dedicated Booking Concierge.


For more information about listing your restaurant on the Gourmet Guide website and accepting Voucher Redemptions from our Bookings Concierge Team, please click on the following link: https://www.gourmetguide.co.uk/shop/restaurant-sign-up/